About Keda Kongelá

A few words about us

Keda Kongelá was set up by two companies in Curaçao who operate in the branding, marketing, and communications sector: Social Bizz-Buzz and Octa Signs. With the project the two companies want to promote positivism and bring back laughter and fun to the households in Curaçao. This is much needed, after two years of pandemic stress. Octa Signs and Social Bizz-Buzz furthermore believe that positivism is essential to restart the local economy.
With Keda Kongelá, the two companies also want to educate local entrepreneurs on the potential social media offers them to brand and promote their products. Until now, many of the branding possibilities offered by social media, have gone untapped by local businesses.

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Social Bizz-Buzz is a leading full-service marketing and advertising company on Curaçao. They offer a wide variety of services to small and large companies and have over 25 years of experience in the sector.
They specialize in combining online media with traditional media and have an outstanding reputation in creating highly visible social media campaigns.

Octa Signs is a leading branding, publishing, and printing company, with a strong design and multimedia department. They supply high-quality custom-made signs to companies of all sizes and have over 10 years of experience in the sector.
Their design and multimedia department helps companies with their corporate identity, by creating highly distinguishable logos, videos and motion graphics that stand out.