Keda Kongelá is a funny and happy spectacle about the frozen love between SneeuwPop and SneeuwPoppin. It follows the tense romance of the Snow Couple during their winter visit to Curaçao. Their constant fights, jealousy, and worries about melting in the hot sun, are posted every day on several social media platforms. Keda Kongelá is coproduced by Social Bizz-Buzz and Octa Signs, who aim to bring back some fun and happiness to the Curaçao homes, after the long stress of two pandemic years.


Background Story

Megastars SneeuwPop and SneeuwPoppin are exhausted by the pandemic. The harmony that once reigned in their homeland Tera Friu, is gone. They nitpick at each other, and the great love they once shared, is almost in shambles.

The frozen couple can barely remember the romantic walks they used to have in Parke Kongelá. And the long hand holding sessions on the benches of the same park, have also faded from their memories.

So, in need of relaxation, the snow divas have booked a ticket to Curaçao. On the island, they hope to rekindle their love. But in their haste to leave their igloo, they seem to have overlooked the effects that the Curaçao’s sun could have on their constitution. Now, they are worried that they will melt before they can make up.

From 22 November 2021 to 7 January 2022 Pop and Poppin will share their adventures on social media.

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SneeuwPop is a serial entrepreneur who started his career on Snow Broadway, where he taught himself dancing and acting. Later, he wrote several stage and movie plays which earned him international recognition for the use of his native language Sneeuws.
He has written several books on empowerment, snow business models, and igloos. His ‘Ice Buildings for the Future’ has been a top bestseller for 47 months. Currently, Pop is part of the Snow Shark Tank and is a lecturer on snow energy for several universities.
Pop still loves to dance and enjoys high cuisine. His handle on Instagram is @popkongela


SneeuwPoppin started her career as the lead singer of the girl band ‘Ice Power’, where she scored several platinum albums that gained her international recognition. She later moved on to a very successful career in acting, that earned her 8 nominations and 3 Snow Oscars for her outstanding roles in movies like ‘Ice Picking’ and ‘Cold Love Forever’.
Currently, Poppin is editor in chief of the ‘Snow and Beauty’ fashion magazine. She also runs the ‘Snow Vision Foundation’ that empowers young snow girls to follow their career dreams.
Poppin loves dancing and believes in green energy. Her handle on Instagram is @poppinkongela


Boletin kongelá

The Boletin Kongelá is a short daily news bulletin presented by Donna Rumay. It airs every day at 7PM Curaçao time on Facebook and YouTube.

The bulletin gives a recap of all the stories published that day on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube about SneeuwPop and SneeuwPoppin. It also offers interviews with fans and background stories of the snow couple.

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Followers of Keda Kongelá can win prizes every week just by answering questions about the love story. The questions will be posted on Facebook, but the answers can be found anywhere on the participating social media platforms.

Prizes vary per week and are made available by our sponsors. Winners are chosen randomly by the snow couple. They will draw the winners from a bowl containing the names of all followers who gave the correct answer.

The ‘Amorometer’

The Amorometer measures the weekly levels of romance and feelings of mutual love between SneeuwPop and SneeuwPoppin. The results are based on the events taking place that week.





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4 months ago
Keda Kongelá

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Tur kos bn pann

Hesus un buelo kompliká! Mi ta spera Kortijn a duna nan sufusiente eis pa nan yega safe na Tera Friu sin dirtí!

Bon biaje pop i poppin tur kos bon i korda pa laga e amor entre boso dos keda pega 🥰😍❤🔥🔥

Bon viahe Pop i Poppin. Te un otro bes.

4 months ago
Keda Kongelá

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Comment on Facebook

Hopi great i leuk e historia nan


Piri pi bubu bu piri pi . Bubu bu bu pi pi pi pi piripi bu bu bubu piri pi pi pi bu bu bu . Ta wak bos nan otro bia .

Pi pi pi bu bu bu lo mi wak kon bon boso a bai bek.tiripiti bu bu te otro biaha love pa boso dos.hopi bon jammer mi no a wak boso personal.

4 months ago
Keda Kongelá

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Masha danki pa trese tantu alegria i amor, na henter tim di Keda Kongelá ❤️❤️

Pop a baila miho i danki i historia ki di pop y popin ta maravijoso 💘😊

Hopi great. Pop i Poppin tabata tremendo. Mi a gusta kon nan fans tambe ta disfruta di nan bishita. Anto ma goza kon Donna Rumay a presenta tur boletin ku hopi emoshón. Masha danki! 💖❤️💖

Cielo Lugo

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Instagram Posts

SneeuwPop and SneeuwPoppin frequently have different views on the events that took place during their day. They also often have opposite interpretations and feelings about their relationship. They both use their Instagram to set the records straight.


Tiktok dance off

Pop and Poppin both love dancing. When they fight, sometimes they get very competitive about their dancing skills. And before you know it, they are doing a TikTok dance off. Keda Kongelá will be following these competitions and you can join in if you want to.

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Keda Kongelá

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